How To Give Your Pet a Quick Check-Up

Your pet might be in poor health without you realizing it.  Perform this brief exam to get a much better idea of your pet's state of health.  Then, resolve any concerns that arise by consulting your pet's vet.
1. Does the hair coat feel greasy?
2. Is the skin color a normal gray/white or is it pink or red with irritation?
3. Do you see dandruff-like scales of dead skin among the hairs?
4. Do you see numerous black specs?  these are excreta of fleas.
5. As you examine the eyes, check for matter in the corners. pull down the lower eyelids so you can see the underside.  are the lids red inside or irritated on the edges?
6. Look into other ears. do you see alot of wax? do the insides look oily?
7. Inspect the gums for a red line on the gums along the roots of the teeth.  to check the back teeth for that red line, raise the upper lip and push back the corners of the lips at the same time.
8. Now check the teeth themselves, including the back ones. are they gleaming white or coated with a brown deposit? does the breath smell okay or are you overcome by it?

If you have questions after completing this exam, please give us a call or call your vet. Your pet's health is of great concern to us at Town & Country. We do research and make suggestions. We have great relationships with many Los Angeles veterinarians. We would be happy to refer you to any number of vets offering professional care.

***Advice to pet parents through this informational web site is for educational purposes only.  Any information offered is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure your pet, and is not a substitute for veterinary care provided by a licensed veterinarian.***


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